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    I would like to highlight that APT Vietnam had been tremendously helpful in extending the service to import our equipment, and subsequently exporting it too. They went the extra mile, on their own initiative, to ensure that all our equipment are safely secured by individually locking the cases.?The APT Vietnam Team?has also been constantly in communication with me on the package status, even over the weekends. This has greatly alleviated our concerns over this period.

    • FLIR Systems, Inc

    Following the success of our Vietnam event in April 2018, I would like to put on record our sincere thanks to your team of dedicated staff for the wonderful job done. Every event has its challenges, and we appreciate how your team worked integrally with us and the clients with initiative and warmth to meet these challenges professionally, and in many cases, personally.

    • AONIA Private Limited

    I am writing to thank you for helping me throughout the whole exhibition. I know our preparation was tight and rushing, and I made quite a number of troubles to all of you. Despite this, you had done your best to help me solve all the problems and turned our exhibition into a big success. Thank you again for your generous help!

    • ST Engineering

    Thank you very much! Your entire team was extremely professional and well qualified to handle every situation. Your contracted labor team was exceptional; never tiring and always willing to do any job. APT is a great partner who we value and can always count on. Truly the best of the best! Every team member contributed to the success of the event, pre show, move in and move out.

    • Sho-Air International

    Regarding DSE Vietnam 2019, I would just like to thank you and your team for getting the items to site, and providing all the assistance you have, couldn't have done without you!

    • RTH Plc

    I also would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for your effort and very good service we experienced during preparation and on site at SpineWeek 2016.

    • Valverde Netherlands

    APT-Showfreight-1 APT - Showfreight & Logistics Group


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